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About Us

CureForFibromyalgia.Org is an organization that sponsors Fibro Eliminators, the Fibromyalgia Community, and Fibromyalgia Research and Treatment. After using the techniques developed by Fibro Eliminators, the members of our group had amazing results, so much so that we actively support their work through this website and throughout the community we live in. With help from the creator of Fibro Eliminators we developed this site and distribute their videos. What we ultimately like to offer is our experience and knowledge of overcoming Fibromyalgia. Besides our help we offer a forum set up for members so you can have direct contact with people affected by Fibromyalgia. Our main goal is to help people return to their everyday lives and get rid of the burden of Fibromyalgia.

Fibro Eliminators is a small group of people affected with Fibromyalgia, that train people affected with Fibromyalgia their exercises and routines created by the founder of the group. What started with one person creating exercises to alleviate Fibromyalgia trigger points and pain, soon showed to eliminate his symptoms of Fibromyalgia. His results quickly spread through word of mouth in the community. Eventually he was asked to show others affected with Fibromyalgia the routine he had created, which showed amazing results on everyone he had trained. After teaching others all the aspects of the exercises, one of the people he trained suggested that he make a video to reach people faster, years later we are able to offer his videos on this website to do just that. Besides exercises he also created massage techniques and massage stimulators which can be found on our site. His knowledge and experience is extremely advanced after going through his own experiences and contact with the Fibromyalgia Community.