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Cure For Fibromyalgia FAQ’s

Q: How does the routine get rid of Fibromyalgia?

A: The routine is designed to first loosen the muscles that are strained from trigger point areas. After the muscles are softened up you should gain a fuller range of motion in the areas worked. The next step of the routine is breaking down the trigger points. After the trigger points are worked the final step is strengthening the muscles. You will complete this process every time you do the routine. Your Fibromyalgia will remain dormant if you maintain the exercises. Results vary from person to person but you may regain symptoms if you stop exercising. Q: What else do you offer to people suffering from Fibromyalgia, besides Fibro Eliminator Videos? A: Besides videos we offer massage techniques for immediate relief, fibromyalgia related products, an online forum to communicate with the Fibromyalgia community, and most of all advice on the disorder and treatment options. We want to help everyone one on one.

Q: Why is this site separate from Fibro Eliminators?

A: Fibro Eliminators is a group of people with Fibromyalgia that train people the routine they created one on one or in small groups. We fully support them and their knowledge of Fibromyalgia and treatment, but we also like offer ourselves to people seeking help to overcome Fibromyalgia. With so many individuals seeking help we have opened Cure For Fibromyalgia.Org to reach people in higher volumes in regions we can't travel to. We work side by side with the Fibro Eliminators Team, but they have high demands that limit them to how many people they can help.

Fibro Eliminators FAQ’s

Q: When can I expect to see results if I purchase the Fibro Eliminators Video?

A: You will know after your first day of doing the exercises that the routine is making a big change in your body. Some people do not realize how severe their Fibromyalgia is until they realize how widespread it is in their body. The first week is the hardest, but after weeks three and four you will see dramatic results in your body.

Q: How do I know if I’m doing an exercise right?

A: As simple as the exercises may seem they can be done the wrong way. This is one of the main reasons Fibro Eliminators trains people in person the routine. We encourage you to ask us questions about any of the exercises you may have problems with. You can even send us a video of you doing the exercises you're having trouble with so we can see exactly what you doing. We are always here to help.

Q: What makes this Video different from other Videos for Fibromyalgia exercises?

A: We are not personal trainers, we are people with Fibromyalgia and we have firsthand experience and knowledge that other people do not have. There are a few videos out there from people who are personal trainers and other people who are looking to profit. You must not confuse us with them, we've had the same struggle you have and understand the disorder better than probably anyone out there today. You can tell that our routine is not comprised of any type of exercises you have ever seen, these exercises are designed for people with Fibromyalgia. Many of us have even purchased videos over the years and know how disappointing they can be, please don't be discouraged if you were one of those people because we guarantee ours.